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City of Sioux Falls

231 N Dakota Ave, Sioux Falls, 57106, US

City of Sioux Falls Façade Easement Program Application

Address of Property

Property Owner:

Applicant/Point of Contact

Full Name

Full Address

Is the building on, or proposed to be on, the National Register of Historic Places?

Required Supporting Documentation

Where additional supporting documentation is needed, electronic files are required.

  • Provide a detailed description of exterior changes including materials, signage concept, colors, and dimensions.
  • Proposed renovation building renderings and elevations.
  • Current and historic photos of the building—specifically the character defining façade. Multiple photos are encouraged.
  • Project budget including the entire project (general expenses) and façade project (bona fide estimates or quotes must be detailed to determine eligible and non-eligible costs).
  • Project timeline.
  • General information on project financing or other such information showing feasibility of overall project.
  • Detailed conformance of the project is applicable to the City’s Zoning Code, National Parks Service Standards for Preservation, and any other applicable standards.
  • Floor plans—current and proposed. Historic plans are requested, if available.

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